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Photographs > T in the Park 1999
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Me blootered in the Park Me, Mike and Sliny chilling out ! Jackie and Susan having a bit of a carry on. Tuna rattling big time Cyril looks bad - even in black and white
Rob looking awfa stoned ! Me and Mike, check oot Cyril in the background The quines lazing in the park while Krad sleeps on Kenny The infamous Coisty
Andy goes a bit overboard with the suncream Me Performing that famous punk move, the scissors kick ! Gogs, Martin, Jackie, Stumpy and Smed sporting some sunburn from the first day Campbell, Mike and Smed relaxing on some festival furniture Back at the tent after the first day
Cyril all on his tod, girning for Scotland Smedley fell asleep,  someone decided it would be a good idea to put a Tampax on his neck. Martin Looking heluva glaikit in the park, Stumpy in the background The biggest joint at T in the Park Skids lying on the deck - Check oot the t-shirt

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