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Photographs > Prague 1999
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Skids in front of the national monument Frago got fined for watering. The crowd start to gather outside Caffrey''s bar a couple of hours befor the game Skids finds a woman in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately she''s made of cardboard I really haven''t got a clue what was going on here Me with some punter wearing a Frankenstien mask
The boys, Old Town Square During the game notice the Doll joining in ! Skids wakes up to a bottle of Glen Moray only to find he''s slept with his sunglasses on. Skids doing some kind of sand dancing manouver. 10 Minutes after arriving we couldn''t believe this when we walked round the corner. Frago has to spoil the picture
Mike and Frago doing the tourist bit ! Frago having a dump !! Frago meets Skids and Mike near Charles Bridge
Me, Frago and Pops make the Prague Post

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