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Photographs > New Year 2000
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Rob guzzles a bottle of champagne What a hell of a state to get yourself in The Squad at Mike''s hoose Hamish, Mike and Lee having a ball with the 6am licence Mike, Lorraine and Hamish looking the worse for wear
Me, Mike and Krad early hours at Mike''s hoose Me with the Grant Clan just after Me and Ann-Briit and surpisingly Ann-Britt looks worse than me !! Nicola And Jackie bring in the Millennium Jackie and Lorraine at the Bells
Getting Jiggy with it on the High Street at the Millennium Hamish tries to wake Mike, but it''s a lost cause A carry on in Mikey Doul''s kitchen Ronnie speakign to Hughie on the big white phone at the beginning of the new centuary DJ - what a scary bloke !!

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