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Anne and Alison in Bordeaux Station - A bit of a blue hair thing going on Me and Skids get swept up on the streets of Paris along with all the empty beer bottles Me blootered in Bordeaux with a stupid  Norwegian wig on ! Skids, Alison and Ann in Paris beside the Trochadero A helluva state to get in, check oot Mike
Skids, Me, Alison and Anne out side a pub in France about 4am on the day of the Brazil game Me Alison and Mike having a bit of a stramash on the streets of Boreaux Anne with some Norwegians supporters in Bordeaux 16th June 1999 On the train early morning on the way to Bordeaux Scots fans gather under the Eiffel Tower on the day of the Brazil game
Getting tucked into some Haggis, neeps and tatties Frago smuggled over to France for my birthday Skids gets to grips with the fountains before the World Cup starts - early morning 10th June 1999 Mike falls asleep in the Bud bar, what a surprise Scottish supporter decides to go one further than the Hey Jimmy hat, a Hey Jimmy beard. Skids strikes a pose in front of the Eiffel tower 9th June 1999
Me and Frago with the largest wine bottle I''ve ever seen - Bordeaux 16th June 1999 A mad French bloke we met on the streets of Paris. He hated Jimmy Hill too Frago , Donald, Myself and some other bloke wi a jesters hat outside the Stadium in Bordeaux My ticket from the Morroco game where we left with a miserable 3-0 defeat

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