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Photographs > T in the Park 2001
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Stumpy sporting some snappy shades Jill having a cheecky moment Karen and Kerry chilling in the van on the way down Karen out of it !! Krad trying out Ann-Britt''s new teeth
Me going for arumage Me an Nic clarted in mud Mike wondering what the hell is going on !! Mike and Tuna struggle back with a couch Nic and Jill relaxing on a blow up couch.
Tuna relaxes in the pishing rain unable to stand up !! Who the hell put up that tent ? The troups with The King. Check Ann-Britt''s teeth What does Smed look like with that hat and those specs ?? Smed resembling a Kinder Egg Surprise !!
Kerry looking remarkably sober considering it''s dark Fair set of teeth Ann-Britt !! What Connel thinks of his photo being taken I won''t mind knowing what shite we were speaking at this point in the evening Tuna and Gail having a relaxing moment on the couch
Nic caught mid sentence The mashed and happy mud bunch Me trying to help tuna with his struggle against gravity Never even made it to the gate and fell on my arse

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